How We Took Gingerbread Kindergarten to 90% within 10 Months

Gingerbread Kindergarten first came to Enrolment Boost in 2020 seeking help to increase their occupancy at their Bondi location. A short 1 year later they decided to open a second location in Castle Hill due to the success at Bondi.

Castle Hill was an existing Centre rebranded under the Gingerbread name. It came with a few pre-existing issues, such as poor reputation and low general occupancy. With Bondi already known for its high-quality care, positive word of mouth and trusted brand awareness in the online space – we chose to merge both Bondi and Castle Hill together to create one website for both locations.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of what we did, and the statistics.

Marketing strategies implemented:

Organic SEO – Google doesn’t have a lot of trust in sites that are ‘brand new’, making the decision to merge Gingerbread Castle Hill with the existing domain at Gingerbread Bondi allowed us to bypass a potential 3-month investment into building trust and authority with Google.

It was also during this time that Google released an algorithm update called ‘Core Web Vitals’ which meant our normal approach to SEO needed to be refocused and include a much more technical strategy to meet the new requirements. The good news is, we were prepared for this well in advance and within the first 3 months, we had every relevant keyword ranked, and started driving serious traffic to the site.

Below are the first 3 months of our organic growth pictured:

Google Ads – It was important to Gingerbread Kindergarten that leads began coming through for Castle Hill immediately, not just after the website had been ranked, which is where our Google Ads strategy came into full effect. We managed to drive an average of 12 leads per week at a cost of $23 per lead. In 10 months time, we were able to achieve 90% occupancy for Castle Hill.

Facebook Advertising – Our Facebook campaign for Gingerbread Kindergarten was a straightforward retargeting funnel. We already knew that most traffic and conversions would be generated from organic SEO and Google Ads, but we wanted to ensure that anyone who was still sitting on the fence or not in the ‘decision-making’ phase of the enrolment cycle, would have Gingerbread Kindergarten at the forefront of their mind.

We encouraged the Centre Manager to create a quick and snappy video tour showcasing the Centre’s facilities while highlighting the amazing transformation that had occurred since the rebrand. Along with this we also added a few variations of Ads utilising static images and other videos, encouraging families to book a playdate allowing their child to experience the Centre’s facilities first hand. Since the audience we were targeting was already familiar with the Gingerbread name these converted very high with a 9x return on Ad spend.

Lead Statistics


Total leads driven from our Digital Marketing Strategy for Gingerbread Castle Hill January 2021 – January 2022


Average monthly leads from Digital Marketing sources

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Conversion Rate

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