Mystery Calls/Tours

It may seem harsh – but it is true!

Any marketing, advertising or lead generation you invest into is worthless if you are not focusing on/monitoring lead conversion rates with your Centre Managers.

If you are noticing regular new leads on paper – without an occupancy increase – There is a high chance that this is because:

  • Conversion rates are low
  • Data from every lead is not being taken and recorded
  • You are losing people during the enrolment process
  • You have a revolving door for current enrolled Families, someone in, someone out!

The first call a new lead makes to your Centre is by far the most crucial.

For this first initial contact, the goal is always to collect details, place them onto the waitlist or even better, book them in for a tour of the Centre.

If the caller isn’t appropriately supported during this journey, you can guarantee once they hang up from you, they are dialling the number for your competitor.

Don’t get us wrong, there are also some other crucial factors, not only for the first call but beyond – such as:

  • General phone manner
  • Background noise on the call
  • Knowledge of the Centre’s offerings/information
  • How successful the Centre tour was
  • Explanation of the enrolment process
  • Ability to gather follow up information

Among many others…

Here at Enrolment Boost, we have a proven first call checklist that we use for all current clients. Due to its success and sheer demand, we have now made this an ad hoc service that Centres owners can purchase as a once-off activity.

There are a huge number of factors that determine a good “first call” but finding out what expectations or needs the family have is essential. There is no point in pushing for a tour if you are not able to provide what they need. Whether you use your Centre staff or a central enrolment line, if the person answering your phone knows how to do this – you will see a dramatic increase in viable leads that will potentially up end up enrolling.

What is involved?

We call your Centre 3 times at random as a ‘new potential lead’. Our goal is to be booked in for a tour of your Centre or to search for any gaps in the initial call process.

We will create different scenarios ranging from everyday tour calls to complex questions and issues to overcome, ensuring the person on the other end of the line – is the right person to take the call.

Once we have completed this process, we will complete a comprehensive and detailed report outlining how the call went, inclusive of what areas need to be improved AND how to improve them.

We will also include information regarding the Centres follow-up process – post-call. We use real phone numbers and email addresses, which allow us to see the complete procedure currently in place with your Centre Manager.

* All of our callers are in-house, previous Centre Managers of successful Centres and have a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry.

Want to take it a step further?

Let’s complete a mystery – in-person – tour of your Centre. Inclusive of a comprehensive report covering:

How the tour was conducted

Were they prepared? Refer to our Team by their name? Was it rushed?

Feel of the Centre

The smell, vibe of Team, temperature

Feedback on Educators

Name badges, presentation, uniform, friendliness, did they speak to our Team?

Who the tour was completed by

Was it the Centre Manager? Were they knowledgeable? Friendly? Appearance?

Presentation of the Centre

Was it clean? Spider webs visible? Dust?
Resources/experiences set up on the tables?
Were children happy and engaged in play?
Were Educators on children’s level or simply policing?

Would we enrol post-tour

Our in-depth and comprehensive report will include everything you need to ensure this crucial part of the enrolment process is flawless. Fresh eyes are essential when it comes to reflecting on this process. It can be hard to see the cracks when you or your Centre Managers are there 40 hours a week!

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