We specialise in Boosting Enrolments for Early Education Centres

We don’t claim to be good at everything – but one thing we know for a fact is that we can take your centre to 100% occupancy and keep it there. Whether it is 1 centre or 1000 we can bring your occupancy where it needs to be!

The Problem

If you are here, the chances are that your Childcare Centres occupancy is low – or at least under 85%. 

If this is true, there is no doubt that Enrolment Boost is for you. We understand that having your Centre above the 85% mark is probably on the top of your importance list. We like to take this further ensure each service reaches 100% with a waiting list within 12 months of working with us.

The Reason Why

There are a lot of reasons why your Centre may have low occupancy. Having worked with over 55 Individual Centres on specifically fixing this issue, we have discovered some of the main reasons a Centres occupancy stays below 85% and have worked out tailored solutions to fix this, each and every time.

Your Solution

Luckily, throughout our decade-plus experience in the Early Education Marketing, and Operations field we have come up with a system that allows us to discover the existing factors that prevent success, and fix them so that your lead and enrolment process is highly optimised. Taking your Centre from its current position to 100% with a waitlist.

Whether you own 1 Centre or multiple we specialise in helping Childcare companies increase their general occupancy quickly and efficiently. 

Disclaimer: We require your Team (from Centre Managers through to Educators) to be 100% on board with our proven methods, including training and systems that we will help you implement to make your Centre(s) dominate the competition.

Our Work

We develop communication that makes
your Centre the #1 option for families – but we don’t stop there. We also make sure every single lead is nurtured appropriately by your Team and take the guesswork and heavy lifting off your hands.

Our Focus

The sole purpose of Enrolment Boost is to use our expertise in both the Early Education Industry and Digital Marketing, guaranteeing your Centres success.

Our Execution

We create and implement ground breaking Digital Marketing methods to make  your brand omnipresent and on the forefront of each families mind at all times during the decision making cycle.

Meet the Founder

Dedicated to growing Childcare Centres since 2014

Martin Niedenfuhr

Martin started his marketing career working for a rather large player in the Childcare game called G8 Education! While working there he supported the Marketing Team to increase the occupancy across the 250 centres that G8 owned at the time. What a great place to cut your teeth, right? From there he started his own marketing agency which went on to help over 500 Aussie businesses, a lot of which were Childcare Companies. Along this journey, Martin discovered that the Childcare sector was in constant need of innovative and relevant marketing tactics. The success these centres saw from the marketing strategies implemented was mind-boggling, with results coming in quickly and consistently. That’s when Martin knew he had nailed the processes and strategies needed to make Childcare Centres grow.

Our secret weapon clause

At Enrolment Boost we work exclusively with one client per suburb. 

This makes your competitors, our competitors and guarantees that we will put 100% of our effort and resources into making your Centre the #1 in the area.


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Brilliant at his trade. If you're serious about digital impact hire Martin and the team. Knowledge, insight and authenticity. The complete package.

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Sam S

Owner - Gingerbread Group

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