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Unlock 100% occupancy at your childcare service with our 42 battle-tested and proven childcare marketing strategies. With decades of sector expertise, we specialise in elevating your presence. Ready for a full service? Click below and let’s get started.

The Problem

Low or lagging occupancy ranks among the most prevalent challenges faced by childcare service owners.

Struggling with lower occupancy at your childcare service is a common challenge, often stemming from factors such as 

  1. Reduced demand
  2. Market oversaturation
  3. Reputation concerns
  4. Ineffective marketing strategies

If your services occupancy rate is not meeting expectations, Enrolment Boost is equipped to assist. We recognise the complexities behind these issues and have the knowledge and skills to turn the table around and have your service thriving. By addressing these varied challenges together, we pave the way for your services success and full occupancy.

The Solution

Our proven strategies will make low occupancy a problem of the past – rapidly.

There are a lot of reasons your service may have low occupancy, we work with you, to identify these problems and apply the appropriate solution to get your service from its current state to your desired state – making occupancy a problem of the past. Utilising our extensive knowledge, proven success, and forward-thinking solutions, Enrolment Boost is equipped to: 

  • Swiftly increase your booked tours
  • Broaden your brand’s exposure to an unprecedented number of families
  • Enhance your brand reputation
  • Support your management team and lead educators in developing a smooth and effective touring system

Additionally, we ensure that your leads are managed with utmost efficacy by meticulously tracking them at every stage of the customer journey.

How We Do It

A Quick Message

From Our FOunder

Redefining the childcare sector with online innovation

Diving into the online world for your childcare service might seem like a tall order. The digital landscape doesn’t just change; it transforms overnight. Keeping up? That’s the real challenge. It’s about more than just being online—it’s about making your presence resonate with the families looking for you.

Consider this: Nearly all families (98%, to be exact) start their journey for childcare on the internet. That’s where your audience lives, breathes, and makes their choices. So, having a vibrant, up-to-date online presence isn’t just nice to have; it’s essential.

We’re here to make it less about navigating a digital maze and more about connecting with your community. Let’s strip away the complexity and focus on what really matters—helping you shine online. We want to ensure your childcare service doesn’t just exist in the digital space but thrives, capturing the hearts of families and children alike. Together, we can make sure your service is not just seen, but felt, building the trust and confidence that families are searching for.

Empowering Change Through

Ready to take the next step? Secure your complimentary ‘Occupancy Gap Audit’ with us today. Let’s dive deep and uncover how we can turn your occupancy challenges into a success story.

Our Focus

The sole purpose of Enrolment Boost is to use our expertise in both the Early Education Industry and Digital Marketing, guaranteeing your services success.


We make sure families can find you online... The place almost all childcare journeys start.


We enhance your conversion rates through strategic implementation, leveraging our suite of 42 rigorously tested and proven strategies.


As your behind-the-scenes powerhouse, we partner exclusively with one service per suburb, keeping a close eye on your competition to ensure you are always 10 steps ahead.

CRM and Lead Journey Monitering

Attracting leads is only the beginning; understanding what truly drives success is what counts. That's why we meticulously track every lead from initial inquiry through to enrolment, equipping you with the insights to strategically allocate your time and resources.

Reputation Management

Reviews and reputation play a pivotal role in a family's search for childcare. That's why we offer access to innovative tools designed to help you monitor, generate, and enhance your reviews, empowering you to build and expand your reputation effectively.

What Our Customers Say

Meet the Founder


Martin Niedenfuhr, Founder

Meet Martin, the heart and soul behind Enrolment Boost. His journey in the marketing realm kicked off with an exciting stint at G8 Education, a major name in the childcare industry. There, Martin played a key role in the marketing team, contributing to a significant increase in occupancy across 250 services. It was the perfect launchpad for his career, providing invaluable experience right from the start.

Fuelled by his early successes, Martin took the entrepreneurial leap and founded his own marketing agency. His efforts paid off spectacularly, aiding over 500 Australian businesses along the way, many of which were in the childcare sector. It was through this venture that Martin uncovered a persistent demand for fresh and effective marketing strategies within childcare. The results of his tailored strategies were nothing short of astonishing, showcasing rapid and sustained success.

This revelation cemented Martin’s commitment to the childcare industry. He has since worked closely with leading names like G8 Education, Oxanda Education, Scholars Group and Rise Early Learning. Plus a huge array of smaller, localised brands. 

But Martin’s expertise doesn’t stop at marketing. What truly sets him apart is his profound understanding of the childcare sector, honed over more than a decade of direct involvement. He doesn’t just speak the language of families; he deeply grasps the needs and aspirations of childcare service Owners and managers, who are crucial to the thriving growth of their services.

In essence, Martin combines his marketing acumen with sector-specific insight to offer a winning formula for childcare services aiming for growth. At Enrolment Boost, we’re not just about enhancing numbers; we’re about understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of every service we work with, ensuring their success and the happiness of the families they serve.

Our Secret Weapon Clause

At Enrolment Boost we work exclusively with one client per suburb.

This makes your competitors, our competitors and guarantees that we will put 100% of our effort and resources into making your service the #1 in the area.

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