55 New Leads From Facebook Ads In January For A Norlane Service

Introduction: We embarked on a partnership with a service in Norlane, VIC in November 2023, seeking to leverage our marketing expertise for growth. Our strategic implementation has led to rapid and groundbreaking results, underlining the power of precise and targeted marketing efforts.

Results Overview:

  • Consistent Growth: Since November, the service has seen a steady increase in engagement, securing a minimum of 30 new enquiries each month.

Exceptional Performance in January:

  • Facebook Leads: Achieved an outstanding 54 new qualified leads.

  • Google Ads Conversions: Added an additional 15 leads at a very low cost per conversion.

  • Three-Month Impact:

    • Facebook: Generated a total of 85 leads.
    • Google Ads: Achieved 29 conversions.
    • Period Note: These results were accomplished during the challenging December period, showcasing our ability to deliver even in less favourable conditions.

Occupancy Impact: The service’s occupancy rates have skyrocketed over these three months to previously unattainable levels. This success is partly due to our exclusive clause, which secures our partnership against the backdrop of competitors. Leads that were previously overlooked are now being redirected to our client, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Conclusion and Call to Action: Our targeted approach and strategic implementation have not only enhanced the service’s market position but also demonstrated the tangible benefits of effective digital marketing.

Google Ads 30 days

Facebook ads 30 days

Lead Statistics

Below are the statistics on the first 3 months of working with the Norlane Service


Total Leads Generated


The average amount per month

0 %

Average Conversion Rate

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