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Introducing the ‘Enrolment Intent Pyramid’ By Enrolment Boost

The Enrolment Intent Pyramid is a strategic tool we have coined and utilise to effectively identify and engage with potential families based on their readiness to enrol. At the apex of the pyramid, we have a small but crucial segment of 3% who are ‘Ready to Enrol’, indicating parents and guardians who are prepared to commit to a service within 14 to 30 days. 

Directly below this, representing 37% of our focus group, are those ‘Gathering Information’, a significant cohort who require additional information and nurturing, typically enrolling within 30 to 60 days. 

The broad base of the pyramid encompasses 60% of our audience, labelled as ‘Not Yet Applicable’. These families are either future planning for children they may have, are currently pregnant, or have young children not yet at the age for childcare, with a projected enrolment timeline of 1 to 2 years. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of each level, ensuring that we provide the right information and support at the most appropriate time, facilitating a smooth transition up the pyramid to enrolment. 

This methodical approach allows us to build relationships early and maintain engagement with future clients, ensuring that the decision to enrol with us is a natural next step when the time is right.

Empowering Change Through

Ready to take the next step? Secure your complimentary ‘Occupancy Gap Audit’ with us today. Let’s dive deep and uncover how we can turn your occupancy challenges into a success story.

The Enrolment Boost Formula

The enrolment journey is unique for every family, therefore so should your marketing.

Forget one-size-fits-all marketing;  we craft success stories tailored to your childcare service’s unique challenges. With a comprehensive suite of 42 proven strategies, we analyse your specific problems and match you with the perfect solution. This bespoke approach ensures we address your service’s particular hurdles, crafting a strategy so effective, your competitors will be left wondering how you did it. It’s not just marketing—it’s a custom-made path to achieve 100% occupancy in rapid time.

Now let’s talk about Tracking

Driving enquiries is just the start; we go beyond by implementing an advanced tracking system, giving you complete visibility over enquiry volume, methods, and conversion success. It’s essential to monitor these aspects to ensure effectiveness and maximise ROI. This approach not only optimises your lead management but also helps identify the true value of various marketing channels, ensuring your investment is directed towards the most beneficial strategies for your service.

Monitoring all of these factors is crucial! We could drive 100 leads to your service every day, but if they aren’t being followed up, phone calls are missed or no one is ‘closing’ appropriately – we are wasting our time and your money. More importantly, its crucial for you to see what marketing channels, other than ours are actually providing you value and a return on investment.

Our tracking is going to allow you to see the following:

How much you are making back on your investment

What platforms are performing best

The journey potential enrolments take

Your services conversion rate

All clients get access to world class reporting software that allows you to see our progress and results at any time of the day. Along with our personalised monthly reports.

What Our Customers Say

Working with us isn’t just a marketing solution, it’s a new way of thinking.

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