If you have been exploring our website, then you would know that we pride ourselves on our ‘unique approach’ to Childcare Marketing.

But what is this unique approach we speak of?

When most companies or people market anything at all, they usually do so from a ‘top down’ approach. In other words, they find an audience suitable to their product, then craft a variety of offers/messaging and display it where the most people will see it. In this generic world, to be a good marketer you don’t need to really know the product, you just need to know how to out-market everyone else in the same industry or niche.

Childcare however, is vastly different and therefore requires a special approach.

Early Education is an evergreen industry, so it’s not going anywhere any time soon! That also means it is and always will be saturated with competition, which makes standing out a challenge.

At Enrolment Boost we understand that successfully marketing a Childcare Centre requires knowledge of both the Marketing Industry AND the Early Education space. This is why we ensured our Team, not only consists of passionate and innovative Marketers – but also, Early Education Professionals who have a clear and strong understanding of the industry. This allows us the ability to look at your Centres holistically, not only discovering how to drive leads your way, but also reflecting on what may need to be changed internally, to support this.

Simply sending Families to your door isn’t enough anymore.  We also need to look at your Centres offerings, facilities, competitors, staffing and reputation in the community. Our goal is to work with you to ensure that your centre is competitive and help you create an offer that is unique to you.

Now let’s talk about our Process

We know we can drive enquiries to your Centre, that is the easy part. At Enrolment Boost we take this one step further by creating a full tracking and monitoring system which allows you the ability to see EXACTLY how many people are enquiring, how they are enquiring and if they are converting.

Monitoring all of these factors is crucial! We could drive 100 leads to your Centre every day, but if they aren’t being followed up, phone calls are missed or no one is ‘closing’ appropriately – we are wasting our time and your money.

Our tracking is going to allow you to see the following:

How much you are making back on your investment

What platforms are performing best

The journey potential enrolments take

The general performance of your staff

We integrate world class reporting software that allows you to see our progress and results at any time of the day. Not only do we report to you monthly, but we also regularly check on your competitors too.

Working with us isn’t just a marketing solution, it’s an extension of your Team.