How We Helped Oxanda Reach 90% General Occupancy in 2021

In 2020 we began our journey with Oxanda Education, to help them grow the general occupancy of their 15 centres by the end of 2021. To do this we utilised the 3 most powerful and relevant forms of Digital Marketing to increase the general amount of leads coming through. After we achieved this we focused on ensuring each Centre had a minimum closing rate of 50%. To do this we worked closely with Oxandas Operations Team to implement effective sales strategies and reporting software, while also providing regular support and training to each Centre Manager. With this, we were able to break through the occupancy ceiling and see the majority of Centres reaching 100% occupancy with a year-long waitlist.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of what we did, and the statistics.

Marketing strategies implemented:

Organic SEO: We ensured every single Centre was ranking in the top 3 for search terms on Google such as ‘childcare near me’ and Childcare (suburb)’. Each Centres map listing was also monitored to ensure no listings fell out of the top positions. In total Organic traffic grew by over 125% and it was evident that these changes drove the majority of high-quality leads.

Google Ads: We implemented a Google Ads campaign for specific Centres that required further marketing support. These Centres increased their occupancy within the first 3 months of launching these campaigns.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook was used to close the gap on potential families who were still in the ‘decision making’ cycle of the enrolment process. Implementing a re-targeting strategy with specific messaging allowed us to stay in the hearts and minds of families who had shown interest in enrolling at one of Oxanda’s Centres within the last 30 days, but had not taken action. We also utilised Facebook advertising to target new potential families, filling up each Centre’s enquiry pipeline with consistent new leads.¬†

Working hand in hand with our online marketing strategy, we also supported each Centre Manager with their conversion rates by completing regular conference calls and face to face training. We monitored and reported on the tours and conversion rates of each Centre monthly, and worked alongside the Oxanda Operations Team to ensure they were advised of any lower performing Centres.

By end of 2021 Oxanda’s total group occupancy surpassed 90%.
Below are the number of leads we drove from our methods across all Centres in 12 months:

  • Total Leads Generated¬† – 3714¬†
  • The average amount of leads per Centre, per month – 310
  • Average Conversion Rate – 52%

In total, our leads were responsible for 44.2 % of all leads generated throughout the year, with Driving/Walking Past and Word Of Mouth being the highest.

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