102 New Leads in 30 days For North Melbourne Brand

Introduction: We initiated a collaborative partnership with a dual-service brand based in North Melbourne, VIC. This brand had recently undertaken significant developments, including the construction of a new service facility and the refurbishment of an existing one, accompanied by a comprehensive rebranding. They reached out to us with the goal of swiftly increasing their occupancy. Through our strategic marketing implementations, we have achieved rapid and significant outcomes, highlighting the effectiveness of precise and targeted marketing strategies. below are 30 days of results.

Results Overview:

  • Rapid Growth: We were able to secure 102 highly qualified leads within the first 30 days of starting our campaigns.

  • Facebook Leads: Achieved an outstanding 51 new qualified leads.

  • Google Ads Conversions: Added an additional 51 leads at a very low cost per conversion. approx. 24 per service

Occupancy Impact: The services’s occupancy rates began to climb from the very first month of our partnership. However, the most significant impact was observed after three months, when we recorded a 45% increase in group occupancy. This remarkable success can be attributed in part to our exclusive clause, which safeguards our partnership and capitalises on competitors’ missed opportunities due to inadequate marketing. As a result, leads that were previously neglected are now being directed to our client, distinguishing them in a highly competitive market.

Conclusion and Call to Action: Our targeted approach and strategic implementation have not only enhanced the brands market position but also demonstrated the tangible benefits of effective digital marketing.

Google Ads 30 days

Facebook ads 30 days

Lead Statistics

Below are the statistics on the first 30 days of working with this brand.


Total Leads Generated


The average amount per service per month

0 %

Average Conversion Rate

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