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Our 3 Steps To Building A


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Automate Families Feedback

Effortlessly collect customer feedback and reviews with our QR code generator, automated email or SMS system.

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Keep Negative Reviews Private

We direct less-than-perfect feedback into a confidential channel to strengthen your business. Positive experiences prompt customers to leave public reviews.

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Create a consistent stream of positive reviews

Dilute the impact of existing negative feedback by consistently generating positive reviews each month. This strategy not only builds trust but also enhances your online reputation, leading to more leads and higher search rankings.

Introducing Our Early Education-Specific Reputation Management Tool.

Transform Your Service’s Reputation into Unmatched Excellence

Elevate Your Online Presence with Enrolment Boosts very own Reputation Management Platform

Your service’s reputation is its most valuable asset in today’s digital world. Parents use reviews as one of the biggest decision-makers in the end stage of the enrolment journey. As a matter of fact, in general: A remarkable 93% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, emphasizing the crucial role of positive reviews in attracting customers. Furthermore, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, showcasing the significant influence of online sentiment on consumer behaviour​​.(Key Stats & Trends: 2024 Online Reputation Management Services (

Our Features

Enrolment Boost introduces an innovative reputation management solution designed specifically for childcare services, ensuring every family’s feedback turns into your growth opportunity.


  • Automated Feedback Collection: Effortlessly gather valuable insights with our fully automated system, sending out friendly feedback requests via email or SMS.
  • Private Channel for Improvement: We ensure that any feedback under 5 stars is directed to a private channel, allowing you to address concerns without public exposure.
  • Boost of Positive Reviews: Dominate the online space with a consistent influx of glowing reviews, significantly improving your service’s online visibility and trust.
  • Tailored Strategies for Childcare Services: Leveraging deep industry insights, our platform is finely tuned to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the childcare sector.

Our Approach

We help you with
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Strategic Feedback Automation

Simplify the feedback collection process, ensuring it’s hassle-free for families.

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Discreet Handling of Constructive Feedback

Transform less favourable reviews into actionable insights, all behind the scenes.

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Positive Review Amplification

Elevate your service’s reputation with a steady stream of positive reviews.

How We Virtually Guarantee Only Positive Reviews About Our Clients Are Shared Online

This is what we call our Feedback Gateway.

It gives users the ability to select your rating BEFORE placing it on a public platform.

  • By clicking anything under 5 stars takes users to a private feedback page which asks for feedback about how we can better improve the service in the future.
  • Clicking 5 stars takes users to a page which asks users to leave the client a public review on their desired platforms i.e Google and Facebook.

Best of all? The process is 100% automated!

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Enrolment Boost clients get automatic access to this platform. Join Enrolment Boost Today to enhance your service’s online reputation and unlock new levels of growth and family trust. Discover how our Reputation Management Platform can set your service apart. If you would like individual access and per-centre pricing, simply click the button below and book for detailed exploration and to see the platform in action.

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